2018 - Facebook
Senior Creative

The Friendversary is the most shared property on Facebook, where we produce 45 million videos daily for the Facebook community, and help them celebrate their friendship milestones. The videos are created using a proprietary feature that was developed in-house at the Factory, which we call Keyframe. In its most simple form, it allows Facebook to map user content onto a range of surfaces that are animated into the final product. This creates an air of realism and personal touch to each video, as the majority of vignettes (or modules) in the films the Factory produce are filmed as opposed to being animated.

The revamp of new Friendversary videos started in May and by the end of September just shy of 7 billion videos have been prepared, packaged and delivered to Facebook users. Each video is unique - videos are made up with individual modules that are either delivered at random or with more purpose, for instance if we know you are in a relationship, or family members. Scripts too vary between all videos, capturing a number of different sentiments and feelings that all have to be translated into 38 languages and capture local and cultural nuances. The final part is the easy part - simply the user’s content. Depending on how much of said content there is available to the back end system, the length of the videos varies as modules are omitted as and when needed.