Massaër Ndiaye

I was born in Paris and grew up in Dakar, Senegal. I’m most comfortable when I can bring multiple entities together. 

I am currently working in the heart of Silicon Valley, as a Creative Lead for Facebook Creative X. Prior to moving stateside, I worked in Paris, crafting campaigns for Nike, RedBull, Chanel, Google and Hermès as a Senior Writer for AKQA, while editing my own magazine. 

My work is at the crossroads of sports, music, art and fashion. A true pop culture addict, I have written about those subjects for international publications including "Victory", "Fader", "Green Soccer Journal", "Clark", "Black Rainbow", "Ofive", "Yard" & “Snatch”.

And before starting an award-winning career in advertising in Amsterdam at Wieden+Kennedy , I was writing poetry, music reviews, sports articles and interviewed famous folks to pay my way through Law School. 

I challenge myself to keep bringing the most authentic stories, communities and individuals forward, while keeping the work honest and genuine. 

You can find me on Instagram straight flexing, or talking reckless on Twitter, Let me know what you think about my Spotify and Apple Music playlists. You can find details about where i've worked on LinkedIn, or contact me to discuss work, sports nostalgia and pop culture gems.

Thank you for visiting my page.