2015 - Yard & G-SHOCK
Treatment and Screenwriter

To introduce its newest G-Steel watch to a young and urban audience, G-Shock asked for a social film that could inspire a young generation of movers and shakers. The G-Steel film illustrates the versatile aspect of the watch, that fits well with both the rider and the driver, but also the master swimmer and the basketball players. In every transport, at the office, or traveling the world, the film shows that the G-Steel adapts to any urban situation possible. With beauty and simplicity, it stands out as the ideal partner for every urban activity. The one-minute spot was directed by Syrine Boulanouar, known for having imagined many videoclips for French hip-hop group 1995, but also Nekfeu, Alpha Wann, Entourage, S-Crew and even Nike. There are no professional actors in this film, only people playing their "real roles" in everyday life. Even when it comes to performing their own stunts as shown with the participation of French BMX World-Champion Matthias Dandois showing us his incredible skills, watch in hand . The audio portion also has a high-end treatment since it is Hologram Lo' who was commissioned to compose the music for the film.