2014 - AKQA Paris

What if football fans could have direct access to the players they idolized?

In the wake of the 2010 World Cup, the French National Football Team had become the shame of the country, after a slew of bad results and even worse attitude. 
The French public felt disconnected from its players in a major way. Nike's aim was to rekindle and nurture the relationship between the team and their fans in order to create some interest for the newest collection. 

We decided to tie back that bond by offering fans the opportunity to share their passion with the team, regardless of its results, through messages of support on a mobile platform.
The "En Bleu et Contre Tout" app was hosted on Nike Football's Facebook page and allowed people to send in their messages through social networks and mobile devices. 
The messages were instantly visible at Nike retail spaces and in the French National Team Living Room in Clairefontaine. 
The fans could also print them on pairs of laces that they could subsequently wear.

The laces symbolized the bond between the team and its fans. Available through the "En Bleu et Contre Tout" application and at Nike locations, everyone could make theirs, some players even opting to play during World Cup qualification matches with the most inspirational messages tying their game shoes.

Not only were the messages displayed at retail locations, but they were also visible in the stadium during World Cup qualification matches all the way into the National Team's living room in Clairefontaine. This was a way to show the fans that their feelings, and their messages had more reach now than ever before.
The shoelaces sold out quickly, but the resonance of the campaign went further than we could have ever imagined. Fans and even the French Federation adopted and started using our #EnBleu for themselves. It was now clear opinions, good and bad, could be seen.