2014 - AKQA Paris

The French National Team are about to embark on one of the most important journeys of their lives. Before going to represent us, each of them will write their pledge on the lines of the faded marinière they will be wearing.

A football team going to the World Cup only has one goal. But each of them plays for a different reason. 

In an effort to link the players to their fans even more closely, we asked each of them what their main goal was. After summing it up in one sentence, we commissioned artist Jean Andreé to write every pledge like a tattoo that would fit within the lines of the jersey. Then asked the players to pose in front of their resolutions. Going to Brazil, their pledges would be displayed in Nike stores so fans could see what they were playing for.  

By creating this graphic metaphor on the sailor before a journey, we continued to put the players and their fans in a personal conversation. The jerseys obviously worked but the idea to Provoke one's destiny resonated with the young players, but even more with the fans.