2012 - Pigalle x Nike

Preparing the summer of 2009, my friend and teammate in the Pigalle crew, Stephane Ashpool, called for me to help organize a summer league, which would also be a way to help creative people network during the Parisian summer and also celebrate the Pigalle store’s first anniversary.

We then started by inviting a lot of our fellow stores in Paris then friends in Berlin, London and Amsterdam to come participate.

The tournament got so much buzz that Nike Sportswear approached us and offered to sponsor a lot of our sports-related events in the future. 

The Pigalle PXA tournament took a life of its own and we organized it in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan and are planning to add three cities next summer, thus creating the league we had always wanted to make.

We collaborated with our good friend Yue Wu on each flyer.

It is always a pleasure to help childhood friends fulfill their dreams, and represent what we have always stood for. Laying a helping hand to my friend Stephane Ashpool from "PIGALLE" and to the whole "Pain O Chokolat" crew to bring their vision of sports, culture and party to the forefront with characteristic authenticity. Years well spent building a new culture in our city.